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RocketBuild is Indiana’s premier outsourced web and app developer.

We partner with creatives, marketers, established brands, and entrepreneurs to develop apps, websites, products, and more.

What we do

Software development is our pride and our passion. We work with some of the most storied creative teams in the Midwest to design and build best-in-class websites and digital experiences. We partner with industry-disrupting entrepreneurs to build innovative technology solutions. We serve world-renowned brands to augment creative and technology teams with our app development expertise.

Who we are

RocketBuild focuses our hiring on creative, well-rounded, personable team members. That’s why we have the best team in Indy! Our team-first mentality allows us to attract top talent. We emphasize continually growing our skills to better serve our clients. Our solutions-oriented team members are innovative and schooled in best practice. All of this adds up to a positive experience for both staff and clients.

Our Story

2014 – 2015

Development Partners for Creative Minds

RocketBuild was founded late in 2014 as a top-notch on-shore, outsourced developer. Our core drive was to create a company that could augment the great creative work of local agencies with tried and true agile development principles. Our founders brought with them years of development experience from creative agencies as well as methods and expertise learned at Fortune 500 companies.

They also brought relationships with exceptional agencies such as Pathfinders Advertising, Borshoff and xiik (now nimblejack), all of which contributed to our initial successes.


Building Better Together

As RocketBuild matured we added great talent to our team, refined our processes, and began to lean in to our strengths. In 2016 we began partnering with The Iron Yard, a code academy that was graduating stellar developers moving into their new careers. This partnership allowed us to increase our coding muscle and further define our core purpose—to be a safe haven for developers, where they could do meaningful work in a way that helped create the best development outcomes.

Between the last quarter of of 2015 and the third quarter of 2016, RocketBuild doubled in size. We added a go-to-market team during these crucial months, which began our journey toward product work, partnerships with entrepreneurs, and a marked increase in mobile application development.


Code You Can Trust

2017 was a year of transition and significant growth for RocketBuild. We were at once sad and proud to see two of our founders exit to start another successful endeavor. This transition allowed us to form a new leadership team with different ideas and the same commitment to quality code and remaining developer-centered.

Our third full year saw us nearly double our production, due in part to a strong focus on building SaaS and other digital products for funded startups and other entrepreneurial endeavors. We doubled-down on our application development practice while maintaining a healthy flow of great creative website work through our agency partners. Our focus on secure, scalable, and extensible code paired with agile development became our chief selling point.


Development Partners for Innovative Brands

In 2018, the addition of more new blood led us to reevaluate how we go to market. Our previous focus on small businesses, agencies, and entrepreneurs led us to some amazing work and countless valuable partnerships. What we lacked were marquee clients with known brand names to call our own. We had some large clients in our portfolio in the form of Simon Group, Stryker, and Kiwanis International, but these had come through the efforts of our great agency partners.

In 2018 we began promoting ourselves directly to global players, touting our proven development expertise. It worked, and we can proudly claim to have done meaningful work for the likes of Purdue University, Jasper Furniture, Franklin College, and Tymphany, among others.

Our Values

Team First

We work as a team. We win, learn, struggle, and grow as a team. We support each other and our partners by seeking to understand, freely sharing our knowledge, earning trust, and creating an environment where people are supported in all that they aim to achieve.


We keep a positive attitude and remain open to possibilities. We seek to empathize with our partners and clients, reserve judgment, and conduct ourselves with patience and understanding. We embrace challenges as opportunities to provide value.


We provide solutions, enablement, and education. We ask the right questions to discover the source of a problem, not just respond to the symptoms. We are resilient, we are adaptable, and we finish strong with solutions that impress and delight our customers.

Continually Growing

We actively seek to grow and improve. We believe that there is always a better way, conduct ourselves with humility, seek feedback, and help our partners and clients improve. We work hard to enable ongoing personal and professional development.

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Our Team

Get to know the best team in the solar system!

Brenton Fowler

Assistant Controller

Brenton is primarily responsible for bookkeeping and A/R & A/P management. He is also involved with forecasting and various other administrative items. Brenton is mostly agnostic on the development specifics of a project, but he appreciates straightforward and responsive clients. Brenton's favorite part of RocketBuild is that everyone buys into the vision of the company. There is a strong sense of cooperation, and everyone genuinely enjoys working together. Outside of work, Brenton loves being outdoors and enjoys playing/watching most sports (quick plug for the @thecityleague).

Caleb Francis


Caleb is fortunate to be able to spend the majority of his time writing code, and RocketBuild is lucky to have him doing it. He loves building software products, especially when we're responsible for the entire application. Caleb's favorite thing about RocketBuild, aside from his teammates, is that he gets to experiment with new technologies all of the time. Outside of work, Caleb makes music and enjoys playing video games.

Connor Hess

Solutions Consultant

Most days you can find Connor working with our project team, or meeting with our wonderful customers about current projects and future needs. He loves projects where he can learn something new. The great thing about working in the custom development world is the constant sense of exploration! Connor's favorite part of RocketBuild is the team he gets to work with everyday. He enjoys spending time with his amazing wife Molly and wonderful labradoodles, Chewie and Solo. In his free time he enjoys finding old records to explore, drinking craft beer, and running.

Kyle Huff


Most of Kyle's time is spent coding, though he tries to make time to play Mario Brothers on the Nintendo Classic. His favorite types of projects are mobile and web applications... pretty much all of them. Kyle's favorite part of RocketBuild is the team because they provide a ton of support and are fun to be around. Outside of RocketBuild Kyle is an avid soccer fan and a horrible golfer.

Angie Martaus


Angie's primary responsibilities are writing great code, sharing better-than-decent memes, and keeping everyone in line. She love any project that will expose her to something new with clients who are excited to collaborate and are open to different ideas and solutions. Angie's favorite part about RocketBuild is working with people she considers friends and constantly learning. When not being awesome at work, Angie enjoys reading, running, and going to concerts.

Topher Overstreet

Founder, CEO

As CEO, Topher's primary functions are to ensure a great working relationship between the RocketBuild business units, evaluate efficacy and efficiency to improve results, and to focus RocketBuild on our mission and vision. His favorite types of projects are those that positively impact the lives of the end-users and the community. His favorite part of working at RocketBuild is that he gets to work with really smart people. Outside of work, Topher is into traveling and great food. He is always interested in experiencing new places and escaping his comfort zone.

Tyler Poling

Director of Technical Solutions

Tyler's days at RocketBuild offer a lot of diversity, between overseeing the production team, managing client projects, and helping to architect product deliverables. His favorite types of projects are mobile and web applications. For Tyler, the best part of working at RocketBuild is that he gets to build great things with a great team. When not at RocketBuild, Tyler enjoys home brewing beer, hiking, and spending time with his wife and two sons.

Jason Ward


Most days Jason can be found advocating for clients internally to make sure that RocketBuild delivers the best possible results. He can also does some design, writing blogs, and helping to win new clients. His favorite part of working at RocketBuild is the true friendships that exist within the company. It is like a sweet, geeky family. Outside of work at RocketBuild Jason co-founded a SaaS company called Boardable, designs board games, writes, and spends time with his perfect wife and three wonderful children.

Tyler Weiss

Senior Developer

Tyler's job is to explain to computers how to complete specific tasks. His favorite type of project is one in which he gets to articulate a solution from scratch, meaning a problem is identified but no path to solving it is predefined for him. He likes that our work involves helping people understand underlying technology and collaborating around solutions. He enjoys tinkering with electronics, and reading about tech & physics. Tyler occasionally plays video games and rows for exercise.

Nathan Zarse

VP of Marketing, Senior Designer

Nathan is leading efforts to build our brand, give sales a boost, connect with the community, and position us for future growth. Because he's not the person on the team delivering code, Nathan appreciates the relationships built upon trust and collaboration, regardless of the tech. They make for stronger results. The things that Nathan likes best about working at RocketBuild are the team and the company culture, as well as the unique challenges of growing a business that push him to creatively solve problems and work smarter. Nathan has a wife and two daughters, and as a family, they love to travel and experience nature and art as much as they can.

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