Congratulations to Jason Ward

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We are proud to announce that Jason Ward has accepted the role of President of RocketBuild. Jason, who has been RocketBuild’s Director of Accounts, brings years of experience to the role, and we are excited to continue our growth and focus on providing our partners with code they can trust.

“Jason is the best leader for RocketBuild’s continued growth strategy, focused on increasing our development capabilities, service levels, and partnerships,” says former President and Co-founder, Matt Rogers. “Jason’s deep knowledge of account management, the technology services industry, and passion for our team make him uniquely suited to support RocketBuild’s ongoing success.”

RocketBuild recently spent a few days off-site to create strategic plans for 2017, and a major focus of those talks was out to create better code and better outcomes for our partners. We are focused on building better together, and that is a quality Jason embodies to the fullest. The team is confident in his leadership and excited for the direction we are setting for ourselves as we move into the new year.

“I am humbled by the RocketBuild team’s trust in me. Their dedication to our vision and values continues to inspire me every single day. I am confident that RocketBuild will continue to exceed our partner’s expectations while fostering a culture that empowers developers, inspires creativity, and produces out-of-this-world technology solutions,” says Jason.

Please join us in congratulating Jason on his new role, and feel free to reach out with any questions you might have to


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