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Meet the Rocket Builders – TylerP

By December 28, 2016 January 31st, 2019 No Comments

Tyler PolingFor this installment of our “Meet the Rocket Builders” blog series, we would like to introduce Tyler Poling, who joined the RocketBuild team in May of 2015, and has been keeping all the projects in line ever since.

Q: What is your name?
A: Tyler Poling

Q: What is your role at RocketBuild?
A: Director, Technical Solutions

Q: What do you do for fun?
A: I like to homebrew, watch baseball, play with my kiddo/family, cook, binge watch tv shows.

Q: What’s your favorite local lunch spot?
A: Pearl Street

Q: What languages do you prefer to code in?
(Don’t worry, at RocketBuild languages are like pets. We love our own the most, but still like everyone else’s too)
A: Since I no longer have to actually write any or actually touch code… I will leave this answer to actual developers who know what they are doing.

Q: If you had to stay up all night for a hackathon what drinks and snacks would you need to keep you going?
A: Coffee and more coffee

Q: What got you into your career?
A: I started out in Marketing which led to product management. During that time, I taught myself some basics of development and worked my way into the field through an agency job.

Q: What are your favorite types of projects?
A: Projects where we can launch what we have been working on and see an immediate impact from the user base or community. Working hard on something and getting an quick return is always rewarding.

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