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Meet the RocketBuilder: Topher Overstreet

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For the most recent installment of our “Meet the RocketBuilder” series, we bring you Topher Overstreet, CEO. Topher is the founder and owner of RocketBuild, and, back in the day, he used to do some coding himself.

Q & A with Topher

Q: What is your role at RocketBuild?
A: As CEO, I bridge the gap between Operations, Finance and Sales, setting the goals for each group and act as the Conductor, searching for that perfect harmony.

Q: What do you do for fun?
A: I love to travel. I like experiencing new places, scenery, entertainment and foods. I also love to cook and love to eat. I think my ideal other career would’ve been one of those guys on Food Network who travels around the country or world, trying different restaurants and cuisines.

Q: Who inspires you?
A: I’m inspired daily by a lot of people. I’m inspired mostly by those who build something from nothing and especially those who don’t let any disadvantages they face hold them back. This could be anything from a student putting themselves through college, a single parent, an entrepreneur or a recovering alcoholic. We all face challenges on a daily basis. I am inspired by those who accept those challenges and succeed anyway. I hate the word, can’t.

Q: If you had to stay up all night, what drinks and snacks would you need to keep you going?
A: My late-night snack of choice is definitely cheez-its…that is, assuming, I can’t get pizza or grilled cheese. As for drinks, I’d say probably a Sugar-Free Redbull.

Q: What got you into your career?
A: I’ve worked jobs in the past that I hated going to. I wanted to create a place where people could build a community/family that would help them grow in their careers and that they’d like going to most days.

Q: What’s your favorite type of project or client to work with?
A: My favorite clients are those who value what we contribute and truly want to be partners with us.

Q: Fun Fact:
A: I spend about seven months of the year in Indianapolis and the remaining (colder) months in Phoenix, AZ. I find the warmer, sunnier weather makes me more productive and positive in my job. It keeps me fast-paced and avoids the winter blues and mental hibernation that can slow momentum. It’s also helped us grow clientele from all over the country. It’s something that most people don’t start doing until they are in their 60’s or 70’s, so I hate the term, snowbird. Since I started in my early 30’s, I’d rather refer to myself as an early bird.

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