Don’t Outsource Development, Partner with Developers

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Outsourcing, the kind that involves dropping a bunch of assets and designs onto a separate team, has become all too common in the web and app development space. This might work well for one-off, short-term, low-cost projects, but it isn’t the way to build the best solution—one built for scalability, flexibility, and security. That sort of solution requires a good relationship with the people developing the solution; a relationship based on trust and respect.

The only way to make a development relationship work well is to make it a partnership. Our tagline is “Development Partners.” We really do see ourselves first and foremost as developers, and our raison d’etre is, of course, to partner with organizations, brands, and agencies to build out-of-this-world technology solutions.

We get a lot of questions about how we like to engage with our partners and their clients. It is natural for a partner to want to know how we will fit into their processes and methodologies. Everyone works a little bit differently, and sometimes those differences become a big focus of a relationship.

At RocketBuild, we prefer to focus on our similarities because we find we have far more commonalities with our partners than we do differences.

It all starts with charting the proper course.

Companies of all stripes tend to start major projects with a significant “discovery” and/or “strategy” phase. This is the time when problems are defined, users are consulted, research is uncovered and a course is charted. It has been common in the past for development and technology partners to be left out of this phase. It often felt like engineers (developers and the like) were only consulted after a plan was set, a course charted, and a destination was in sight.

Agencies are great at helping their clients see a solution; to visualize a better way of doing things or a more robust experience. Agencies are wonderful partners when it comes to providing assets, identifying potential opportunities and barriers, and designing to the needs of users. More often than not it is after all of these great things have happened that the plans and ideas are shipped over to the engineering team for implementation.

While our engineers love opening up a new package full of ideas, plans, dreams, and wishes, they like it a lot more when they get to be part of the team helping to generate ideas, formulate plans, dream big, and cast wishes. Because, while engineers and technicians are fantastic at building things, we are also particularly good teammates to include when gathering perspectives on a problem and suggesting paths to solving said problem.

Great code comes from thoughtful preparation and careful planning.

Think of us as your co-pilot!

A good partner makes a good copilotWe do our best work, and our shared mission is a greater success when RocketBuild gets to participate in the research, planning, and strategy for a project. With just a few hours of research, a seat at the table during discovery, and key insights added to a project plan, we can add tremendous value.

We know that partners who lean on our experience and expertise with development and engineering projects early in the process will gain new perspectives on how to plan and implement technology solutions. Budgets will be more accurate. Timelines will be tighter. Solutions will be fully vetted. Outcomes will be better!

So, before engaging in an intergalactic mission of exploration and conquest, think about inviting your engineering team to co-pilot. Your engineering team will thank you for inviting them into the process as a trusted partner, rather than throwing requirements and designs at them when it comes time to build the solution.

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